T cell receptor β-chain-targeting chimeric antigen receptor T cells against T cell malignancies

模式生物:小鼠 产品与服务:M-NSG 研究领域:immune system,CAR-T

An H2R-dependent medial septum histaminergic circuit mediates feeding behavior

模式生物:小鼠 产品与服务:Hdc 研究领域:Neurological research

Single-cell transcriptomics identifies potential cells of origin of MYC rhabdoid tumors

模式生物:小鼠 产品与服务:Dppa3 研究领域:肿瘤

Extension of Endocardium-Derived Vessels Generate Coronary Arteries in Neonates

模式生物:小鼠 产品与服务:Apj-CreER,Cx40-LSL-GFP,CX40-GFP,Pdgfb-GFP 研究领域:Heart

Thrombin cleaves IL-33 and modulates IL-33-activated allergic lung inflammation

模式生物:小鼠 产品与服务:Il33-KO 研究领域:Immunology

SARS-CoV-2 might transmit through the skin while the skin barrier function could be the mediator

模式生物:小鼠 产品与服务:CAG-hACE2-IRES-Luc-Tg 研究领域:SARS-CoV-2

Genetic Proliferation Tracing Reveals a Rapid Cell Cycle Withdrawal in Preadolescent Cardiomyocytes

模式生物:小鼠 产品与服务:Ki67-CrexER,Tnnt2-mTnG 研究领域:Cardiovascular

A two-adjuvant multiantigen candidate vaccine induces superior protective immune responses against SARS-CoV-2 challenge

模式生物:小鼠 产品与服务:CAG-hACE2-IRES-Luc-Tg 研究领域:SARS-CoV-2

Seamless Genetic Recording of Transiently Activated Mesenchymal Gene Expression in Endothelial Cells During Cardiac Fibrosis

模式生物:小鼠 产品与服务:αSMA-LSL-Dre, Zeb1-LSL-Dre, and R26-CreER 研究领域:Heart

The oncolytic virus VT09X optimizes immune checkpoint therapy in low immunogenic melanoma

模式生物:小鼠 产品与服务:hPD-1 研究领域:Immune checkpoint therapy

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